Grilling Tools and Gear:

It is a lifestyle decision to choose between gas and charcoal (and can be the subject of much-heated debate), but the instruments you use when heading to the great outdoors can make or break a grilling session. From the very simple to the more advanced, we’ve selected our top instruments that will give you great performance. For grilling-lovers everywhere, every one of these will make a perfect gift.

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Grill Mitts:

Don’t believe that when dealing with a hot barbecue, the cute little oven mitts you use in the kitchen would suffice. The best are broad grill mitts that come close to the elbow. These days, there are many options on the market, with mitts in a variety of high-tech materials such as silicone, fire-retardant fabrics, leather, heavy-duty cotton, and more. The main purpose is to find something that will shield you from the heat or flames as burgers are flipped, coals are treated, or food is transferred from one side to another.

Basting Brush:

One way to add extra flavor to grilled food and help keep it moist is to wash, spoon, or pour liquids, sauces, and marinades over food. The classic basting brush is made from boar or plastic bristles, so they can not be washed in a dishwasher, which are possible traps for bacteria. To keep the brush clean, you may need to regularly dip it in bleach to kill any bacteria. The newest brushes are made of dishwasher-safe silicone, but you will need to dip more often in the basting fluid because they do not retain as much liquid as natural bristles.

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Skewers and Shish Kebabs:

You may call them shish kebabs or skewers, the same thing they are. Either way, kebabs are welcoming, easy to customise, and a natural way to combine flavours and ingredients. In your grocery store, wooden skewers are inexpensive and available. Just make sure that the wooden skewers are soaked in water 30 minutes before use, or they will burn. Invest in a set of metal skewers that can be reused, do not need soaking, and come in a range of fun shapes and sizes if you grill regularly.

Long-Handled Spatula:

An offset handle that helps you to quickly slip the spatula under food should be a decent grilling spatula. For grilling, silicone and metal spatulas work well and a long handle is best to keep the heat away from your hands. With fish fillets and other delicate foods that need a fast flip, spatulas work best.